Why Build A Log Home

Taking nothing from the Earth which cannot, one day, be returned

Logs are renewable. All logs used are taken from a certified plantation at around 30-50 years of age. Once placed into a home that log can be in place for over 300 years.

All of the off-cuts can be used. They can go on to make furniture, keep your home toasty or to make a sociable night around the brazier even warmer. None of the construction materials need go to land-fill to haunt your children or grand children.

All of the joints are custom fit

Each log is scribe fitted and hand-cut to fit its neighbours. Every contour is individual and allows each log to nestle into the next with simple gravity holding them in place.

Trees grow to withstand the wind; they have natural flex. Combine this with interlocking corner joinery and log homes are naturally resilient to earthquakes in a way that neither bricks nor weatherboards can be.

A recent article in The Press has suggested that Christchurch should be rebuilt using wooden structures.

Long lasting

With the right build and right maintenance,log homes can last centuries – look at the oldest building in your area of the world – chances are, it’s made of wood!

The logs can be treated during the build, with your choice of natural fungicide or protective stain which will protect them from the elements, maintaining your home for years to come. Occasional maintenance and your home will last for generations.

Warm and safe

Logs have a high thermal mass. Your roof will still need insulation, but the walls come with insulation ‘built in’. The scribed fit means that there is no air-flow around the logs, it’s actually within the logs retaining heat within your home.

This scribed fit also brings fire resistance. Think about putting that huge round on the fire – unless there the fire is well stoked and there is good air flow, the outer surface of the log chars and the fire fades. Because the logs selected to build homes are so dense and are perfectly nestled due to their scribed fit, there are no inter-log-cavities for oxygen so the outer surface will char only. This also allows the building to retain structural integrity in more intense flames which would destroy a conventional house.


Contrary to popular belief, your dream home, if it’s a log home, won’t actually be overly expensive to build.  Each log provides your exterior surface, your insulation and your unique interior fascia.  Three for the price of one – leaving you those extra pennies to splash out on all those other little dream pieces.  

If you’re willing to learn, I can show you how to be part of your build.  Stripping your own logs is immensely rewarding and if you’re confident with a chain saw I might even be able to pass on some tricks of the trade!

Modular design

I build to your specifications.  If you eventually want a 5 bedroom mansion but can currently afford a 1-bed love-nest, we can work with that, adding vestibules as money allows.

Building site

I can build wherever suits you.  Log homes can be built in any suitable space.  If your base is poured, I can start construction straight onto that.  If you chose another site, each cut log is labelled and can be moved to your chosen location where they can simply ‘slot’ into their correct positions.  

I have tools available and can travel to your site – be it up the road, on the other island or across the Tasman.

Log homes offer several advantages, including:

Natural Beauty: Log homes have a unique, rustic charm that blends with nature.
Energy Efficiency: Logs have natural insulating properties, making log homes energy-efficient.
Durability: Well-maintained log homes can last for generations.
Sustainability: Logs are a renewable resource, making log homes environmentally friendly.
Health Benefits: Wood is known to have positive effects on indoor air quality and human health.
Customization: Log homes can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs.
Value: Log homes often retain or increase in value over time.
Comfort: Logs provide a cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere.
Low Maintenance: With proper care, log homes require minimal maintenance.