How Much Do Log Homes Cost?

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How much do log homes cost? What do you have to pay to get logs from A to B? We don’t deal in arm and legs, when people come into the yard and ask me “how much for one of those?” They are always pleasantly surprised with my answer. Size does matter and so does style. Believe it or not there are many different ways to build with logs (horizontal fully-scribed, post & beam and piece on piece to name a few). On average you can expect to pay $4000 per square meter of floor area for a finished turn key log home with approximately $1600 per square meter of that going towards the log shell itself. This is based on a house around 120 – 220 square meters floor area.

Approximate cost of a Malta Log home

Log Shell – 120sqm x $1600 = $192,000
Finishing – 120sqm x $2400 = $288,000

Total for finished Log home = $480,000 inc gst.

All quotes include:

  • All log work to finished state ready for delivery from our Dunedin yard
  • All steel for log structure (hurricane rods, screw jacks, nuts and bolts)
  • Wool and soft rod insulation
  • Window and door rough openings
  • Electrical holes drilled ready for wiring
A popular Design the Malta log home at 120sqm.

Quotes do not include:

  • Roofing material e.g. corrugated Iron
  • Windows, doors
  • Foundations
  • Electrical / plumbing
  • Kitchens
  • Transport to your property and accommodation and meals for the ALH crew during assembly
  • Crane hire on assembly

To get to accurate quotes we require at least the preliminary design/ concept design of the log home shell. With these plans we have enough information to give quality pricing. Preliminary designs are not expensive and can be altered to suit. Contact us today about the design of you dream log home

Remember; don’t be afraid to tell us your budget so we can help design your dream log home to fit your budget and needs.